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We all love Sitka.


Offset Your Carbon Footprint & Help Low Income Sitkans

We all love Sitka. We all love the clean air, water, wildlife, fish and magnificent landscapes in Sitka. But for many of us visiting this island, air and marine travel is a major contributor to our carbon impact. 


The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund uses donated contributions from travelers and residents to reduce Sitka’s carbon footprint and fight climate change.


From converting oil boilers to energy efficient heat pumps that run on Sitka's renewable, fish-safe hydroelectricity, to planting trees, we're lowering emissions, while investing in our neighbors. Learn more about our impact.

How Much Should I Donate?

The standard recommended offset amount for your flight & cruise is $20. Offset your trip today.

We are grateful to Alaskan Dream Cruises for their partnership with the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund. Thank you investing in your community!

Want to customize your donation to your flight details? Use this table.

Want to do more?

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund recommends paying $10 per ton of CO2 emissions produced. Common activities with donation amounts are listed below.

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund is one piece of the bigger picture. To address climate change, we must collectively and individually reduce the carbon dioxide we produce by pushing for societal change, adapting our behaviors, and mitigating the impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable. Click here for ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Offsets Making a Difference

HEAT PUMP CONVERSION PROGRAM: The primary activity of the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund is funding conversions from oil and gas heat systems to electric heat pumps that run on renewable hydropower for low income households. Every heat pump conversion lowers Sitka's carbon production, supports the City of Sitka electric fund (keeping costs down for the community), and saves the recipient family money. It's a win-win-win!


The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund is a new initiative. So far we've funded three heat pump conversions for low-income households, displacing an estimated 1,429 metric tons of carbon. More folks are in the queue, ready to go when funds are available.

OTHER CO2 REDUCING INITIATIVES: We've planted apple trees in an affordable housing development and are administering a low-carbon transportation challenge to permanently get gas vehicles off the road.

About Us

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund is a project of the Sitka Conservation Society, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. All contributions to the fund are tax deductible as a charitable donation.

The Fund is administered by a Local Advisory Committee. Current members are Chandler O'Connell, Doug Osborne, Michelle Putz and Toby Campbell. If you are interested in joining the team, please contact us.

Listen to our recent Raven Radio morning interview to learn more.

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