What We Fund:

  1. Upgrades from carbon-based fuel heating to electric heating using electric heat pumps. These grants will be given to families, and entities that serve families, with preference given to those with demonstrated economic need and/or identified with having respiratory health issues.  Agencies such as Baranof Island Housing Authority would meet this use.

  2. Weatherization grants for renters to help reduce the use of carbon fuel and reduce the cost of utilities.

  3. Projects that encourage commuting by walking and biking.

  4. Grants  to nonprofit organizations, agencies, governments, other entities, and individuals proposing measurable carbon offsetting initiatives in Sitka (for example, energy efficiency, food security, recycling and reuse, composting).

  5. A small percentage of our funds will be used to administer and grow the offset fund.

How funding decisions are made: 
We want to put our money to work for Sitka! Our offsets will be based on a strong demonstrated ability to reduce CO2 emissions in Sitka. 

Funding decisions will also be made with preference given to those with demonstrated economic need. Further preference will go to those uses which will benefit the most people or reduce the highest amounts of emissions.