We all love Sitka.

We love the clean air, water, wildlife, fish and magnificent landscapes. But for many of us on this island, air and marine travel is a major contributor to our carbon impact.

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund uses donated contributions from travelers to reduce Sitka’s carbon footprint. The funds we raise allow us to lower CO2 emissions in Sitka by helping families, businesses, and organizations convert from oil and gas to local hydro-electricity and become more energy efficient.

Does my travel really contribute to climate change? 

A round trip to Seattle creates nearly a 1/2 ton of CO2; a trip to Hawaii is nearly three tons. Trips add up quickly! Marine cruises also generate lots of carbon.


How Much Should I Donate?

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund suggests paying $10 per ton of CO2 emissions produced. This is an average price based on a survey of multiple voluntary  offset programs. 


Use this chart of common carbon-producing activities to determine how much you would like to donate.

Offsets Making a Difference

Intentions for Fund-supported CO2-Reducing Initiatives

Meets or exceeds the target of 1 ton of carbon reduced per $10 spent

Makes Sitka more equitable

Has potential to multiply the impact of the Fund's financial contribution

Is supported by the majority of the Fund Advisory Committee


~90 tons of carbon displaced over 15 years by converting an oil-based heating system at a Baranof Island Housing Authority (BIHA) single family home to an energy efficient heat pump powered by Sitka's renewable hydroelectricity

PENDING ~660 tons of carbon displaced over 15 years by converting four large oil boilers, heating 24 one bedroom BIHA apartments, to energy efficient heat pumps. Our financial contribution will play a part in BIHA's efforts to secure full project funding from the Rasmuson foundation, ultimately displacing carbon and keeping rents low for local seniors. The first phase of conversions are planned for 2020.


PENDING ~4 tons of carbon displaced/sequestered by planting two apple trees to at the Sitka Community Land Trust (SCLT) affordable housing project. Apple harvests will go to members of the SCLT community.


APPLY NOW! Are you a year-round Sitka resident interested in converting from an oil-based to hydroelectric-based heat or transportation system? You may qualify for financial support from the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund.


Contact us to learn more!

About us

We are passionate Sitkans committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund is a project of the Sitka CO2 Reducers Group, a 2017 Sitka Health Summit community goal.

The Fund is managed by the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund and fiscally administered by the Sitka Conservation Society, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. All contributions to the Fund are tax deductible as a charitable donation.

The Fund Advisory Committee members are Michelle Putz, Doug Osborne, Libby Stortz and Chandler O'Connell.

Contact us to learn more!


Want to do more?

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund is one piece of the bigger picture. To address climate change, we must collectively and individually reduce the carbon dioxide we produce by pushing for societal change, adapting our behaviors, and mitigating the impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable.


Thank you to our wonderful local partners

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Baranof Island Housing Authority

Sheetká X'áat'i Hitx'i


Contact Us

PO Box 6533, Sitka, AK 99835

Tel: 1-907-747-7509


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