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All donations made to the Sitka Carbon Offset fund are processed by the Sitka Conservation Society and are tax deductible as a charitable donation. Thanks to SCS for acting as our fiscal sponsor! 

We all love Sitka. We love the clean air, water, wildlife,
fish and magnificent landscapes. But for many of us on this island,
air travel is a major contributor to our carbon impact.







About the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund is designed to use donated contributions from frequent travelers to reduce Sitka’s carbon footprint. The funds we raise allow us to lower CO2 emissions in Sitka by helping families, businesses, and organizations convert from oil and gas to local hydro-electricity and become more energy efficient. We'll also fund other local initiatives to reduce and offset local CO2 emissions.

Does my travel really contribute to climate change?

A round trip to Seattle creates nearly a 1/2 ton of CO2; a trip to Hawaii is nearly three tons. So a few trips to the lower 48 can add up pretty quickly! 

How Much Should I Donate?

Using average carbon offset prices drawn from a survey of multiple voluntary carbon offset programs, the average offset is about $10 per ton of CO2 emissions. Use this chart to figure out how much you'd like to donate to offset your fossil fuel use.


What we Fund

Be inspired! Learn more about what we fund and how we make funding decisions. 

Why do this in Sitka?

Because we get our electricity from the rain, Sitka has the opportunity to become an energy independent, carbon neutral community. We want to help the town get there. 


Visit our blog to see posts about projects that we've funded or are working towards.

ConTact us

Visit our contact page to get in touch or to make an offline contribution. 


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